VIP latrines
Yet another community school opened in 2007. It was housed in a big tent awaiting permanent accommodation. Over a very short period of time some 300 children from surrounding villages enrolled. With no latrines in the area hygiene deteriorated quickly. SSTZ therefore funded construction of a VIP latrine block which was completed in 2009.

Teachers to school
Titukuke nominated two community school teachers who have been contributing to Titukuke’s success for a long time for further education.SSTZ paid for preparatory training so they can continue their studies at a teacher training college.

School furniture
In 2010 money was collected for furniture for the new school under construction. The fundraising campaign was a big success. Within 3 months the amount needed was donated and the local carpenter in Petauke was able to start working on 60 desks, four cupboards, four teachers’ desks and chairs and four benches for visitor.
School books
In 2011 a fundraising campaign to find money for school books in the boards own network was initiated.The combined effort via the 1%club and the Board’s ow network was overwhelming. Within a matter of weeks friends and (former) colleagues donated the amount necessary.In the meantime 800 books for pupils and 40 handbooks for teachers have been ordered and are waiting to be delivered once the school opens.

Take-away restaurant
Titukuke does not have its own source of income. In order to acquire own income, a take-away has been started. In 2011, SSTZ contributed to the establishment. Part of the proceeds will benefit Titukuke.

Titukuke Trust School
The Titukuke Trust School started in January 2013. It consists of three spacious classrooms and an office.

The vegetable garden
A garden farm has been created on the grounds of the school. This allows the school to generate some income. Vegetables are also grown for the schoolchildren's lunch. This provides them with a hot meal every day. To prevent loose animals from eating the plants in the vegetable garden, in 2013, a fence was made around the garden. SSTZ has contributed to the materials for the fence and garden tools.

Between April and November it does not rain at all in Zambia. To ensure several harvests per year, an irrigation system has been constructed.

Irrigation and solar panels
Electricity for irrigation and for the Titukuke Trust School is generated through solar panels. This project is funded by Graafschap College Doetinchem. Two teachers and three students from the Electrical Engineering Faculty went to Zambia to install the panels, while a sprinkler system was installed together with a Zambian organization. Not only is this project important for Titukuke; it also has given the students a fife experience.