Titukuke is a small organization in Petauke District in the eastern part of Zambia and was founded in 2005 by Getrude Soko. Unfortunately Gertrude passed away in 2014 after a brief illness. She was a charismatic woman and was since the foundation the driving force behind the organization.

Her son, George Masimba Lukwanda, who had often assisted his mother, is now the one who continues the work as well as possible. He is young and enthusiastic and worked for Titukuke previously with the youngsters of Petauke.

Titukuke is a Nyanja word and means among other things ‘forward’ and ‘stand up’. Titukuke was founded in 2005 and is a registered charity number ORS/102/20/196.

For many people in the district Titukuke is the only organization to which they can turn for support. Titukuke’s focus is on education. In cooperation with the villagers and the traditional leaders community schools have been established.

Lunch time in the new Titukuke Trust School

With the help of SSTZ Titukuke has built a stone school with three classrooms. The school is situated in the small province town Petauke. Children who cannot afford the school fees get here free education.